Reimagine:ED DAY 2


What I’ve taken away –

Before I start talking about today at Reimagine:Ed, I want to share 2 ideas that I plan to do/use in my library very soon…

*We are here with a new friend. The TIS from SGES. She was telling me that in the mornings, the LMS at SGES has opened up the library for games, basically. All computers are available for kids to play educational games as well as checkers, board games, etc. Of course, kids are also coming in for library book checkout. I am going to do this. Yes, we get kids coming in to our library in the morning, but just for checkout or some sort of teacher errand. One thing that I feel is not happening in my library is the random gathering of groups. Inviting them in for games will be a start.

*I am going to request that Mr. Bowers remove the stinkin’ tables in my library.

So, today started with everyone who is at the conference meeting in the big theater for an overview of what our task for the day was. Our task was to take our challenge, meet with our group and come up with ideas to “solve” that challenge. My group’s challenge was something like, “a park is a place with a variety of activities. How can you make the library of the future like a park?” We were charged to LISTEN. IMAGINE. MAKE using this prompt or challenge. First, we took information from students, teachers, the world (answers to a survey that the Reimagine:Ed folks asked us to do) and tried to find common themes. We noticed that what was mentioned over and over as what was needed in a “learning space” was access to the internet, people, print materials, quiet space, and supplies (paper, pens, crayons, markers, etc.). THEN, we take those and brainstorm how to fit that into our prompt. My group kept coming around to the Learning Commons idea, really. A space where all of the experts and STUFF are in one place. Somehow, we never really made it back to the idea of a park in our small group. What felt like 2 days later, we met with the larger group where we came up with 3 BIG ideas that we will tomorrow somehow come up with an actual product to “pitch” to our even bigger group. Whew. We’ll see how THAT goes. The 3 BIG ideas are: Footpath. Physical Space. Conversations. I’ll be working with the Physical Space group.

One thing I LOVED LOVED LOVED about today was the sort of short “lectures” (or TED talks?) that we had throughout the day. I think I will do a future blog post on just those.  I also loved touring the school we were at with one of the group members who works here. I get so many ideas just by looking at what other folks are doing.

At the moment, I have officially hit my wall of learning and thinking. Looking forward to another great day tomorrow!




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I live in South Carolina. I am passionate about libraries, books, and reading. I am also a mom. This is my blog about those things.
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