Reimagine:Ed DAY 1

So, I am at the Reimagine: Ed Summit. This is going to be one intense weekend of learning, thinking, and dreaming about the future of libraries. Blog posts from the weekend will probably be mostly thoughts and ideas as that’s what this weekend is all about!

First day = 4pm – 9pm

Drove from home to Atlanta. Here with fellow librarian, Janet Boltjes. She is the Library Media Specialist at Gilbert High School and is also a Past SCASL President. New car fun fact – not even NEAR the half tank point in the Prius. Filled up before we left and that’s probably all I’ll need to do! Yay, Prius!

What I’ve learned, discovered, and want to do when I get home (from just the first evening):

*Statements of things to think about were posted on these huge white boards with dry erase markers around for us to write and share our thoughts. I LOVE this idea. So easy. I have posted pictures to my Facebook page via my iPhone. I’m on a school laptop that never lets me get on Facebook for some reason. That is, when I am away from school…it’s not even blocked when I am at school, but I digress.

*Lots of use of the term “library as verb.” Maybe instead of saying, “I’ll just Google that,” we can get folks to start saying, “let’s Library that.”

*I want to check out more from Bud Hunt. We watched a talk from him (made just for us?) in which he said a library is “a place to read, a place to play.” He said he wants to be able to “take his library with him everywhere he goes.” I like these thoughts.

*Zac Chase is fun. He talked with us about rules of improv. I actually learned these rules this summer when I read Tina Fey’s book, Bossypants. Love the quote, “my idea is good, and your idea is better.” I think the most important thing to remember from Zac’s talk is that in improv (and in teaching…in life, even?), you must always say YES…AND (instead of BUT…WHAT IF or NO…WE CAN’T). YES…AND.

*Met Buffy Hamilton IN PERSON. She spoke to us about enchantment. What a wonderful idea to keep in mind when planning the future of libraries (or any space in which we learn). We want folks to be ENCHANTED when they walk into our space. Enchanted = Engagement = Learning.  

Today, we work with our groups – ALL DAY. I’m excited, but a little nervous my brain will shut down at some point. That happens. I’m old. I hope there is plenty of coffee flowing at The Lovett School today!


PS – If you read my mom’s blog, we will be updating on Monday when I return from this conference. Unless she updates it herself, which could totally happen. But, typically, I’m like one of those office secretaries from the 1960’s who listens and types while the boss speaks. It’s probably the only time she can get me to listen while she speaks, so she likes it that way 😉


About Valerie Byrd Fort

I live in South Carolina. I am passionate about libraries, books, and reading. I am also a mom. This is my blog about those things.
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