This week was all about The Dot by Peter H. Reynolds. Every year, I say to myself that I will celebrate International Dot Day (September 15) with my students, but then for one reason or another, the date goes by with no celebration. Not this year! We celebrated all week and I made a point to share and read the book to any group I was in front of, including my USC students. So, here’s what I did:

With my K – 2nd graders:

Explained that we were going to “make our mark to see where it takes us” (which got some, “huh?” But, they got it after we read the book).

Read The Dot (or watched The Dot on BookFlix).

Talked about what happened in the book and explained that we were going to make our own dots, just like Vashti. I also talked with students about how it was International Dot Day/Week and that kids all over the world were celebrating this great book this week.

Students were given a choice on how they could create their dots:

Paper with markers and crayons

Coffee filter with markers (sprayed with “magic water” after coloring to make colors spread)

Paint software on computer

Drawing Pad app on iPad or Nook

Our students created some BEAUTIFUL dots. I will be sharing pictures on my Facebook page early in the week.

All paper dots are being displayed in a large swirly gold frame (of course) in the Learning Commons and all dots made on the computer, iPad, or Nook will be displayed in a “virtual” gallery online.

With my USC Students:

Read The Dot; explained that it was International Dot Day/Week.

Showed off Peter H. Reynolds’ webpage and webpage with free posters for teachers.

Gave out Dot candy.

With my afterschool yoga kids (ditched My Many Colored Days for The Dot this week):

Read The Dot

Talked about how Vashti made her mark by making the world more beautiful with her artwork. Each person gave a suggestion on how we can make the world more beautiful (planting flowers, wearing colorful shirts, and encouraging world peace were their answers 🙂 )

Played Twister

Ate grapes (they look like dots, silly!)

I was seeing dots all week, but I LOVED it!

On Friday, I am going to Reimagine: Ed in Atlanta – I am sure I will have A LOT to say about that! Stay tuned!



About Valerie Byrd Fort

I live in South Carolina. I am passionate about libraries, books, and reading. I am also a mom. This is my blog about those things.
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