Facebook and Twitter and USC (and more!)

I teach a class at the University of South Carolina called “Using Information Resources.” This class is meant for future classroom teachers (elementary education majors), so the resources I teach them about are hopefully resources they will use in the classroom. This semester, I am also going to “show off” some web tool that they can use for professional purposes and perhaps in their classroom. At the first class session, I told them how I use Facebook and Twitter for professional purposes.

On Facebook, I follow some really great Pages. Scholastic, Reading Rockets, lots of kid yoga people, Barnes & Noble, Books a Million, Book-a-Day Almanac, a number of publishers, authors – just about any website I go to, I check to see if there is a Facebook page and I LIKE it. I have gotten “heads up” on so much cool stuff that way. Some folks I know use Facebook ONLY for the Pages – they have no “friends” on FB; they just like Pages. I think that’s a great use of FB.

On Twitter, I follow lots of classroom teachers and librarians who are doing some pretty awesome things with technology and literacy in their classrooms and libraries. The list I shared with my USC students was:

@librarygoddess (Mrs. Byrd Fort!)













Have any to add?

This week, I am going to tell them about TED talks and Common Craft videos. I also plan to show off some of the DISCUS trials going on right now. They are AWESOME (BrainPOP!!!). We heard from the DISCUS folks last week and will be visiting Thomas Cooper Library and Richland County Public Library soon. Frank Baker and folks from ETV will be coming to speak to us at some point in the semester. We have so many great information resources available to us!

At my other job :), we have SO MUCH GOING ON. I have wrapped up orientation for K-5th grade and will be showing 1st-5th how to use self-checkout this week. I will be doing a lesson on how to use the Playaways for 1st grade, celebrating The Dot with K-2nd grade, and doing a yoga storytime based on My Many Colored Days. More on those next week!

Last week, I did a Fiction/Non-Fiction lesson for my 1st graders in their classrooms. They have been talking about Fiction/Non-Fiction in their classrooms with their teachers, so the first step was a review. After reviewing the difference between the two, we watched Bark, George and read Pets at the Vet on BookFlix. I asked them if they could tell me which was Fiction and which was Non-Fiction and why. Then we played a Puzzler on BookFlix (Fact or Fiction?). After playing the game, I told them that Mrs. Gobbi (my media assistant) needed some help sorting books into Fiction and Non-Fiction. I brought approx. 100 books with me on a cart and split the students and books into groups or “Learning Clubs.” With their groups, they sorted the books and after the teacher or I went to check their piles, they sat back down on the carpet as a class and we talked about what they noticed. I think the lesson went well. What do you do when teaching kids the difference between Fiction and Non-Fiction?

Have a great week!




About Valerie Byrd Fort

I live in South Carolina. I am passionate about libraries, books, and reading. I am also a mom. This is my blog about those things.
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