ETV Workshops – Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Continuing my adventures in learning at ETV last week…

On TUESDAY, I went to some great sessions:

1. PBS / TeacherLine

I wasn’t planning to attend this session, but something just pulled me to it. I’m really happy I went. I learned about a ton of PBS resources that I wasn’t familiar with and that I cannot wait to share with my teachers. One of my favorites (and the one I think I’ll go back to the most) is PBS LearningMedia This seems to be one place where you can go and search all of what PBS offers. Similar to OnePlaceSC (which I never remember to use. Perhaps that will be a “new year resolution”??) All PBS websites are worth taking a look at, I think – they have ideas for teachers and parents and are, of course, fun for kids. We explored PBS Kids, PBS Teachers, and PBS Parents Seems like there is a Facebook page and an app for just about all of the sites and programs as well. Good stuff!

2. ToonDoo and Kerpoof

ToonDoo and Kerpoof are sites you can go to with kids to create comics. SO MUCH FUN! Both are free and both are kid-friendly. Kerpoof is a Disney product, so there are more bells and whistles (and more to do with younger kids). Either one is good and you might choose one over the other depending on the grade level you work with. I plan to do something with my 5th graders using these sites and will show to my teachers as a choice for research products (I see biography projects using these resources, inventor/invention research, PASS review stuff…)

3. Creating Interactive Lessons with Google Earth

LOVED this! I needed this for something I did LAST year! In Google Earth, I have always been frustrated with how the picture layer brings up a bajillion photos of something…you try to go in ahead of time and choose the picture you want to show to the class, but when the class is there, you can’t find the picture you wanted or you click on the wrong one or something just doesn’t go the way you wanted it to go. In this session, we learned how to create folders of the information we want to share and how to get rid of everything else! Now I know how to save what I want to show to students, add videos from YouTube if I want to, and do some other cool stuff. Great session and a great site with step-by-step instructions for you to do it too! 



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I live in South Carolina. I am passionate about libraries, books, and reading. I am also a mom. This is my blog about those things.
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