So, off and on, for about 12 years, I’ve been “into” yoga. I started by taking classes at USC while in grad school, then when I started working I went to a gym. Time got away from me and I stopped going. In November of 2010, one of my favorite people said that I should go with her to a yoga weekend. The weekend sounded very cool – a whole weekend of yoga and at the end of the weekend (after 8 hours of “community service/volunteer yoga”), you are a level 1 certified yoga teacher.  This was through YogaFit. I loved it and while I’m not sure I will ever really be a yoga teacher, it got me back in the flow (so to speak) and got me wanting more. If you read my blog, you know that I am working on my 8 hours of community service teaching with kids. I have gone to another YogaFit workshop that was specialized towards yoga for kids. I do like to incorporate it into storytime and I do use it to integrate movement into my lessons. However, my OWN yoga practice is very different from what I do with kids and also very different than what I used to do. The YogaFit workshop got me wanting more yoga and another friend led me to City Yoga. City Yoga practices Anusara Yoga which is very different than YogaFit yoga. YogaFit is more for your body – staying fit, obviously. While City Yoga is not just about the physical part of being on the mat, but also about what you do/feel off the mat and in your life. I have been going to City Yoga since November and I am IN LOVE with it. No doubt. During the school year, I am able to go once a week. However, this summer I have been going at least 3 times a week. I really can see and feel the difference that makes and hope that I am able to incorporate  more yoga into my schedule when school starts again.

This weekend, I am attending a workshop at City Yoga with Cate Stillman. She practices Ayurvedic medicine. I have found this whole weekend to be very interesting and I am learning way more than I will be able to actually apply in real life (which is the case for anything, I think). Part of ayurvedic medicine is being able to figure out your “dosha” and then living and eating in a way that suits that dosha. It is a lot about herbs and raw foods and living with the seasons and the moons. There is so much to it that makes so much sense. People that eat raw foods or living foods are basically eating in this way.

There are a few things that I am going to try right away (and things I want my family to try right away). I don’t intend to go fully raw or even 50% raw, but I do intend to make some solid changes.  The details are still coming together for me, but basically, here’s my plan –

*I will try to start my day with a green smoothie. This smoothie will be made with greens and berries. I forever have started my day with an english muffin, banana, and peanut butter.

*I will have my typical “breakfast” for lunch around noon. This makes so much sense! I learned this weekend that your body best digests food around noon. That is when your bile is working its hardest, I suppose. Makes sense to eat your fat at this time. So, my peanut butter and banana aren’t going anywhere, I’m just going to eat them later in the day. Instead of an english muffin, I’ll try flax bread or some sort of “raw” grain. I may try to grind my own peanut butter.

*Dinners will remain basically the same (I don’t see Marty Fort going raw…umm…ever), but I may integrate some raw things here and there. We always have a salad and the meals I make are very healthy, for the most part. Dinners will be the struggle as far as change goes.

*After dinner, there will be no more snacking or drinking. We will go for a walk. I will also try to stop working after dinner – i.e.: no computer (no, gasp, FACEBOOK??!?!?)

*I will use coconut oil instead of lotion. I lotion up every evening and every morning. Lotion is made of lots and lots of chemicals, so I am going to start using natural oils instead. For my “dosha” it seems that coconut oil is the best one to use.

*I will make others eat garlic. I’m going to talk to my mom about eating garlic. Now, we already eat A LOT of garlic, as italians and all, however, we COOK it. Raw foodies say that when we cook something we kill what makes it good for you. Cate said at the workshop today that before she travels, she takes garlic pills a few days before she leaves to kill any kind of bacterias and to build up her immune system. Now, this is exactly what is wrong with my mom all the time 🙂 She has bacteria that needs to be killed and she needs to build her immune system. Cate takes a few pills a day a few days before she leaves, but it doesn’t sound like she does this all the time. My mom needs it all the time, so I’m wondering if a clove of garlic a day will do the trick? I remember my mom telling me that my grandfather did this – so, maybe she should start?

*I will tackle important, hard projects in the morning.

*I will do emails and communication after lunch.

These are changes I can make. Other things I learned this weekend will take a little more time to sink in.

This post is not library related and is super long, but it’s what I am trying to wrap my head around this weekend ~ enjoy!



About Valerie Byrd Fort

I live in South Carolina. I am passionate about libraries, books, and reading. I am also a mom. This is my blog about those things.
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