Me again!

You knew I wouldn’t stay away forever, right?!

Time to re-start the ol’ blog…HOPEFULLY, I’ll be consistent in updating. I really feel like I need the “reflection” that comes from a good blog post. And, of course, now that summer is ALMOST here (one more full week + a Saturday), I’ll have time to update.

Some things on my mind:

1. I want to do a time lapse video with students. Maybe kindergarten? Maybe my 5th grade Media Technology Class? I think it would be fun for me and for students to see how they change over the course of a school year. Both grade levels would see big change in just one year. Would be cool to start with a core group of kinders and follow them through 5th grade too…haven’t thought this out much, but got the idea from this puppy to dog thing I saw on Yahoo!.

2. I want to have more digital content. Over the summer I hope to finally go to one of my local public library’s outreach programs where they show you how to download e-books and such to your reader (ipad, kindle, nook, etc.) I want to see how they do it and teach it and then I plan to modify what they do for my school. I am already downloading/borrowing content from the library to my own readers (I have an ipad and a kindle), but I want to see how they show others how to do it and ask them some questions about logistics…I think that’s the way to go…have the content for folks (students) to download/borrow to their own reader instead of checking out the devices themselves. Maybe have some devices available, but I just don’t see a library full of kindles loaded with books. I do see my students coming in with their own kindles and wanting books for the kindles. I mean, this whole e-reader thing is great, but it’s just like print books are great. If you want to buy them, fine, you go to Barnes and Noble (online or in the store) and you purchase a book. If you are one who loves to read, but loves going to the library for FREE for your material, same difference. Libraries now offer e-content AND print materials that you can borrow and download for your reader. Plus, if I use library money to buy devices instead of the content, it will be no time at all before there is something new and better available. At least the content stays the same (for the most part).

3. My husband and I want to move. Not far away or anything, just to a place with land for our dogs. A place where we can scream and yell and our dogs can bark and run and where there is space for a pool and lots of trees.

4. Apartment storytimes coming soon! I have been doing them throughout the year. I will be posting my plans of books and such once I get started again. I have been incorporating movement and yoga into the apartment storytimes, so that’s been fun. More on that later.

Happy summer to my friends who are already out for the year and I’m almost ready to join you!



About Valerie Byrd Fort

I live in South Carolina. I am passionate about libraries, books, and reading. I am also a mom. This is my blog about those things.
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