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First, an update on the last posts (storytimes). I was unable to get a recording of my musical storytimes. They went well, however, and I’m sure I’ll do one again in the future, so all is not lost with a recording. You just don’t have one now.

I did my last Park North Storytime last week. The theme was BACK TO SCHOOL (loosely). I read If You Take a Mouse to School and Baghead. The wonderful ladies from the Lexington County Public Library came and did a puppet show called The Magic of Reading. The craft was foam frames and foam sticky stuff (starts, letters, hearts, etc.) to stick to the frames. I brought a copy of a collage I made of pictures from all of our storytimes for each person (made the college at Big Huge Labs) and that’s the picture they put in the frame. We had brownies and they were given their summer reading prizes from the public librarians. So fun! I will be doing a monthly storytime at Park North once school starts. I have not gotten the dates (or themes) together, but my plan is to tie it in to things I am already doing at school so as not to go crazy. Good idea, huh?

Speaking of school and crazy, the school year is quickly approaching and I’m feeling that same unprepared way I feel every year. It will all come together and I will get it all done. I just need to remember that. It is so hard to remain focused right now because I’m thinking of all of the things I need (and want) to do for my teachers and students. So, right now, I’m working on back to school goodies for NPES teachers and for some of my teacher/librarian friends in other places. I’m thinking about my first orientation classes for students and some “technology tidbits” I want to do throughout the year for my teachers. I’m thinking of my fun Lion Cub Storytimes as well as the fun monthly storytimes I will do for my Park North friends. I’m thinking of copyright presentations and I’m thinking of what I need to do to prepare for my SLIS class I’m teaching (SLIS 325: Children’s Materials). Right now, I’m really thinking I need to go back to work 🙂




About Valerie Byrd Fort

I live in South Carolina. I am passionate about libraries, books, and reading. I am also a mom. This is my blog about those things.
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