SCASL Conference – Thursday, March 25

I finally made it to Charleston!

Here’s my Thursday for you:

-From Information Technology to Information Leadership with Will Richardson – I’ve known about Will Richardson for some time, but have never heard him speak. Very good speaker. Showed us some things I already knew about (Google reader, Diigo), but also showed me new things as well as ways to use the tools I already knew about in a new way. I’m excited to start adding searches to my reader….I think I knew all along that this was possible, but just not something I ever did. Now I want to! Thanks, Will.

-I then followed Will to the SCASL Opening General Session where he was the keynote. Again, very good presentation. Got some links I want to explore, some book suggestions. Good stuff.

-Get UR Game On!! Liz Hood. This was good too. I bought a Wii for my library about 2 months ago and have yet to really figure out how to use it educationally. I think what I’ve been struggling with is I wanted to be able to use it within class lessons…what Liz showed me today is that my thinking about it is wrong (I’m sure there are games you can use as part of lessons with students, but that was not her point). What she does is allow students to come in during lunch or before school and they can play these games. The fact that they are playing them at all is educational because the games that she has, she has correlated to our state standards. Now, I want to really think about how to take what she does and make it work for NPES. She got my thinking back on track.

-Awards lunch. Great lunch. Great company. Congrats to award winners.

-Don’t Read to Me: A Presentation on Presentations. Chris Craft. Chris Craft and I used to be in the same school district. I knew of him from districty stuff and I follow him on Twitter and such. We had never met face to face until today and he is super smart and super nice. His presentation was wonderful. So good. Presenting is his calling, I do think!

-Then it was time to explore the Exhibit Hall, meet up with Lexington 1 pals, and attend the USC Alumni Tea.

-Finally, Tanger time. Got some clothes; got some food and now I’m back in the hotel room.

Last day of conference tomorrow! This one is going by fast!



About Valerie Byrd Fort

I live in South Carolina. I am passionate about libraries, books, and reading. I am also a mom. This is my blog about those things.
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