AASL Conference in a Nutshell

The AASL Conference is coming to a close…I have one more session to attend and the closing event this evening…then, back home tomorrow. It’s been a great conference and I’m leaving here with ideas that I plan to use when I get back to school…if you care, here’s what it would have been like if you were here with me –

Thursday – Woke up like a normal school day and got ready for the trip to Charlotte. Ended up not leaving for Charlotte until 1:30pm – was able to plan for next week’s SLIS 220 (undergraduate USC course I teach on Thursdays) and spend time with the pups who have been parent-less since Thursday (their grandfather is hanging out with them though).When we got to Charlotte on Thursday, first thing was to register and check out the Exhibit Hall. The Exhibit Hall is always a little overwhelming for me the first time I visit. I like to walk around once and then go back when I have more time. The opening is always full of people being a little grabby, which gets on my nerves. So, once we were done pushing and shoving a little, Kristen (my D5 pal/travel partner) and I headed to dinner and bed. We are old.

Friday – Woke up, worked out on a wobbley eliptical and headed to the first session of the day –

A Year with Fours and Fives I LOVED this session! It was presented by a library media specialist at a private primary school in OK. She basically went through an entire year of programming and highlighted books, songs, activities, and programming to do with four and five year olds. I plan to use a lot of it with my kindergarten and 1st graders as well as my Lion Cubs (Lion Cubs are younger siblings of New Providence students. I host a storytime for them once a month. Basically, it is a public library-type storytime with a story, fingerplays, a craft, etc. Not all that instructional or standards based, but lots of fun and that’s what reading is!).

2.0 Learning Tools Smackdown This was Joyce Valenza’s session, so I knew it was going to be good! I was also volunteering at this one, which meant I was SUPPOSED to close the door and not allow anyone else in when the room was full, however, librarians tend to just do whatever they need to get what they want, so I was not very tough about not letting people in. I’m a softy. This one has a wiki with all of the great information that was shared…if you have something to share – do it! Smackdown Wiki Some of my favorite tools are in Reading Promotion.

Start Your Student’s Engines with SMART Boards in the Media Center! This was South Carolina’s own Julia Davis presenting about how to use a SMART Board in the library. I wanted to go because I finally have a SB in my media center (a year and a half in the making!), and because I had only started really using the SMART Board at my old school and then didn’t have once at my new school, I had gotten out of practice, so I needed this session for some ideas and places to go for lessons. My right away, take away was a story spinner for kids to spin after I read a story to them. They spin it and tell me the beginning, middle, end, or their favorite part of a story. Made one during the session and will use it next week! Yay Julia, and THANKS! 🙂

After that, Lena (other pal/travel partner), Kristen, and I went to Concord Mills Mall during 5pm Charlotte Friday traffic. After shopping a little and eating, we went back to the room where I was able to get them to watch King of the Crown . I’m sure they loved it and will now be just as addicted to it as I am.


Prada Promotion on a Dollar Store Budget This was a program geared towards middle and high school students, but I loved it. Again, lots of cute ideas to take back and use in my library. A couple I hope to implement – question of the day (I might do a “question of the week”) and a super cute “Library Avenger” video that highlights library programming and databases/resources. LOVE it! Here’s the link  for more information about some of the things these folks are doing .

After that was a bit of SCASL work with Amanda LeBlanc. Finally walking through Exhibit Hall and now blogging. After the next session, we are headed to IKEA and then tonight is the closing “party” at ImaginOn, which is quite possibily, the coolest place ever.

More tomorrow (maybe!)





About Valerie Byrd Fort

I live in South Carolina. I am passionate about libraries, books, and reading. I am also a mom. This is my blog about those things.
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4 Responses to AASL Conference in a Nutshell

  1. Julia Davis says:

    Thanks for the nice comments and for attending my session! I thought the conference was great also. A little jealous that you got into the “A Year with 4s and 5s” It was packed when I got there! Did she have her info on a website?

  2. She has a great handout on the AASL handout page…if you don’t find it, let me know and I can email it to you!

  3. Betty Jordan says:

    I’ve been trying to locate the Prada Promotion on a Dollar Store Budget information on the Deerfield HS LMC site with no luck. Thanks to you I now have it. Thanks, Valerie!

  4. Paige Jaeger says:

    I too, just shared my AASL golden nuggets [librarydoor.blogspot.com], and I see you attended different sessions than I. Thanks for filling me in on others !

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