Mid-Winter Day 1

A Few Philly Facts: 

1. They know where their car horn is!

2. No one seems to really know how far away I am from the “Rocky” stairs. Perhaps I should just put my librarian skills to use and look it up.

3. The Convention Center is a little confusing, however, I am very directionally challenged.

Today! My flight was delayed only a little, considering it was raining in Columbia AND in Philly. Some S.C. folks who flew later in the day were delayed much longer (in fact, we were all supposed to be here by now and they still aren’t here-it’s 4:30). Yesterday, I was hating myself for booking such an early flight (7:15am). Today, I am very happy with myself for booking an early flight.  Got to Philly. Checked into the RITZ-CARLTON. How did I end up here, you may ask? ALA opens housing online and it fills up very fast. By the time I went to book my hotel room, they were all full and I was put on a waiting list. One day, ALA sends me a message that says “your rooms are reserved at the Ritz-Carlton.” I am a very happy conference goer! This place is one of the nicest I have ever stayed at. I know this bed is going to be more cozy than my own bed and that NEVER happens in a hotel! Pictures will come later.

Check in and registration went smoothly.

Went to a panel/open forum about the new NETS*T. These are technology standards for teachers, saying what they must know to teach their students. The forum was an opportunity for ISTE to hear thoughts, ideas, suggestions, etc. from ALA/AASL. I thought it was going to be an open forum about the new NETS*S…comparing them to the new AASL standards, but I misread the press release. My fault…still a VERY interesting time talking with others in my field.

Now, getting ready to attend the Exhibit Hall grand opening and dinner. Will post more tomorrow!



About Valerie Byrd Fort

I live in South Carolina. I am passionate about libraries, books, and reading. I am also a mom. This is my blog about those things.
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1 Response to Mid-Winter Day 1

  1. Cathy Nelson says:

    Ohhh i wish I were going. I’ll be in Philly in twelve days for EDUCON2.0, but suffice it to say I am s jealous. Please be sure to share LOTS and say “Hey Yall” abut a million times–put South Carolina on the map!

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