The biggest little city meets me

Cathy kicked my butt in gear and said I should keep folks posted on what’s happening in Reno. Thanks, Cathy! I need reminders every now and then (and by “kicked my butt in gear,” I mean gently suggested I post twitters).

AASL Conference really kicks up today. Yesterday, I registered and went to a First Timer’s Celebration Reception. I also visited the Explortorium, which was great. I thought it would be a little bigger, but still, I walked away with lots of great ideas and figured out what I want my xmas gift to be~a tablet computer. Not related to my xmas gift, but a great idea is to purchase 5 or 6 ipods for the library, purchase audiobooks from itunes, and loan them out to students, like regular library books. The person doing it is in a middle school and she hasn’t had any problems…the students have to sign a contract that states they will pay for anything they break…I think I could do that in my elementary school. I’m sure there are other sorts of mp3 players I could use that maybe aren’t as fragile as the ipod. Or, just get ipod shuffles…I might try it!

After that, my husband and I drove to Lake Tahoe…so pretty! When we came back to Reno, we had dinner at a mexican restaurant Marty had heard of from…very shady area of town, but very good food. Then it was a night of walking around catching the sights with our friend Kristen (LMS from my district).

Right now, I’m getting ready to see Annette Lamb. She is doing a session here that she will be doing at the SCASL conference. Since I will not be able to see any sessions at SCASL, I thought I would visit, introduce myself, and get a sneak preview!

Pictures and links to be added soon…time to meet Kristen in the lobby!


PS-I LOVE seeing all of these “famous” people-Alice Yucht, Joyce Valenza…it’s so rad.


About Valerie Byrd Fort

I live in South Carolina. I am passionate about libraries, books, and reading. I am also a mom. This is my blog about those things.
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4 Responses to The biggest little city meets me

  1. Cathy Nelson says:

    Please give JV a warm hello from me!! Thx for the update!

  2. Cathy Nelson says:

    What? No pingback to boost my authority in Technorati? Aw shucks…

  3. informania says:

    How was Annette Lamb’s session? I will be at SCASL in March so perhaps will get to see her.

  4. valbyrd says:

    I LOVED it…very entertaining and highly energetic!

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