SCASL Conference-Day 2

Thursday was a busy day. I got to the convention center at 6:45 (you see, I was determined to get a parking space in that convention center lot every day of conference. I figured the only way to do that was get there crazy early. It worked!). I helped Kitt and Ida for a bit and then went to the Supervisor’s Roundtable session with Martha Alewine. We were given updates on SLIS internships, SCASA Roundtable, and DISCUS. Afterwards, I headed to a session about promoting the SC Picture Book Awards with classroom teachers. GREAT session from Terri Puryear and one of her 1st grade teachers. She buys two copies of the SCPBA books and has one set in the library and the other in a rotating basket for each grade level. I think I’ll try that next year. After that, it was time for the first general session with Alan November speaking. He is such an energetic speaker and really gave some interesting ways to use media that our students are using ANYWAY. For example, with Wikipedia, he said that we shouldn’t get all freaked out when we see them using it (I totally do), but instead use it with them in a GOOD way. He gave the example of a group of students who went to a historical home every year and they discovered that there wasn’t an entry for it in Wikipedia. They created their OWN entry for it. How cool! He also touched on MySpace and how we could use it for good, but didn’t go too far into that…I have a MySpace page and ALA has a MySpace page…maybe SCASL should have a MySpace page???

Jim Trelease was up next for the second general session. I heard him speak about a year ago at an ELA Best Practice seminar, so most of his talk was information I had heard then. Still, it was great and is a very inspirational speaker, I think. After he spoke, SCASL held its General Business Meeting where I was voted in as President Elect. Thank you, SCASL! I get scared every now and then thinking about next year’s conference (which is in MY hands), however I will be getting loads of help and support and I really shouldn’t worry at all. You don’t worry either!

After that, I rushed off to Dr. Naidoo’s session. It was nice meeting the new SLIS professor and I got lots of great handouts to share with my spanish and ESOL teacher. I even met some LMS who know my wonderful spanish teacher!

Dr. Naidoo’s session officially ended my day. I went to the SLIS Alumni Tea and then to dinner with some of my fellow D5 Library Media Specialists. A wonderful day all in all.


About Valerie Byrd Fort

I live in South Carolina. I am passionate about libraries, books, and reading. I am also a mom. This is my blog about those things.
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